02.02.2022 | Спрашивает Romualda


02.02.2022 | Romualda (27.04.1960, Salford), спрашивает
Can I buy amulet for money and to find his love for my son?He is so addicted to trading,wants his business and learned so much,but always when just starting to get more profit he loses it! He need something to be successful. He is 36 and I know he wants to find a woman,but he wants as the one he had.He wants his soulmate....Is it possible to help? Thank you. P.S. I can read Russian,but I have a problem to write in Russian language because of my keyboard.

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02.02.2022 в 14:39 | Светлана Рэй , отвечает:
Hello Romualda,
Yes of course you can order your own amulet for money.You need to fill out an application on the site.
In order to find a soulmate for your son he has to change his minds.He should leave his comfort zone and try to develop his outlook, for example he can join hobby clubs according to his interests where he can communicate with women with the same interests.

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